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Features Overview

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3rd Party Content

Online learning resources can be inserted directly into lessons. Once embedded, 3rd party content can be assigned to students and progress tracked, rewards can be granted to students, then reports can be generated on work completed.
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Assignment Manager

Use the Assignment Manager to assign course work, including lessons from the courses in your account, offline work, 3rd party online content. Each assignment has a due date and optional reward points and is added to the student’s schedule.
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Attendance Registry

Attendance Registries can be created for each student which will add attendance status toggle buttons to the Instructor Dashboard for taking daily attendance. Records can also be managed in bulk and reports can be generated at any time.
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Chore Manager

Help students keep track of their chores by adding them to the students’ schedules. Chores can be one-time or recurring and students can earn Reward Points for completing them. Records are kept for review by both educator and student.
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Course and Curriculum Tools

Create a course with just a few clicks. Each course provides a suite of tools including, a forum, progressive lessons and quizzes, multimedia (videos and audios), polls, custom interactive content, and more.
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Custom Interactive Content

Create a variety of custom interactive learning objects and assessments. The possibilities are endless from board games, to quizzes to entire courses. Student interaction and scores are recorded for inclusion in reports.
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Detailed Reports Generator

Generate custom student reports and download or print them for regulation compliance or your own records. Report data includes student details, attendance, assignment completion, grades, time spent in on-site lessons, and rewards earned/spent.
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Drag & Drop Calendar

Educators and students can quickly view assignment or event details and mark work as complete from their calendar. Instructors can reschedule assignments, chores, and events by simply dragging them to another date.
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Instructor Dashboard

Educators have access to relevant daily information right on their dashboard. View Today’s assignments, past due assignments, and unread messages, record the daily attendance and view detail on any course or student with expandable panels.
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Lesson Planning

Each course has it’s own lesson planning interface. Lessons can be quickly created, edited, and deleted, then easily sorted by dragging and dropping them into place.
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Student Administration

Manage course registrations, assignments, rewards, and permissions from the easy to use student administration interface. Educators can also generate student reports directly from each student’s administration panel.
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Student Dashboard

The student dashboard keeps students on-track with panels for today’s assignments, enrolled courses, new messages, reward goals and a special pop-up for overdue assignments. The interface is kid-friendly and easy for new computer users to navigate.
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Student Goal System

To help motivate students, they can browse the Reward Store and set goals for items they would like to purchase. Their goals are displayed on their dashboard along with their Reward Points balance. When they have enough points, they can purchase their goals right from their dashboard.
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Student Reward System

Reward Points can be awarded for completed assignments and chores. Students can then spend those points in the reward store. The reward store itself comes packed with dozens of items and educators can can edit them or create their own.
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Student Toolbox

The student toolbox is available on every page in an overlay window so that tools can be used without the student having to leave the page. Tools include a variety of calculators, Wikipedia search, dictionary, thesaurus, PhET Simulations, and educational games.