Custom Interactive Content, Lessons, and Assessments

Big Whirled members can create over 25 different types of interactive content, lessons, and quizzes. Take YouTube Videos and make them interactive with buttons to skip to a video segment or embedded quizzes in the middle that students must complete before resuming video play. Create your own board game where students have to display their skills before moving to the next checkpoint. Generate math facts quizzes on the fly by choosing operator type and number of questions. Enrich your instructional content with pie and bar charts, dialog cards, images with clickable hotspots, and so much more.

Homeschool Classroom - Charts


Need to present simple statistical data graphically without creating the artwork manually? Chart is your answer. Select between bar and pie chart view Add label and value to each data element Select background color each data element Set font color for each data...
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Homeschool Classroom - Summary


Summaries help students remember key information in a text, video or presentation, by actively building a summary about the topic at hand. When the student has completed a summary, a complete list of key statements about the topic is the end result. ...
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Homeschool Classroom - Math Quiz

Arithmetic Quiz

This content type generates random arithmetic quizzes in a flash. Educators simply decide the type and length of the quiz and no longer need to configure questions individually. Users keep track of score and time spent when solving the quiz and it is perfect to help...
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Homeschool Classroom - Image Hotspots

Image Hotspots

Image hotspots makes it possible to create an image with interactive hotspots. When the student clicks a hotspot, a popup containing a header and text or video is displayed. Educators may add as many hotspots as they like to an image. The following is configurable:...
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Homeschool Classroom - Drag and Drop

Drag and Drop

Drag and drop question enables the student to associate two or more elements and to make logical connections in a visual way. Create Drag and drop questions using both text and images as draggable alternatives. Drag and drop questions support one-to-one, one-to-many,...
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Homeschool Classroom - Timeline


The Timeline creates a sequence of events in a chronological order. For each event you may add images and texts, as well as assets from Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo, Google Maps and SoundCloud.

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Homeschool Classroom - Single Choice Question

Single Choice Set

Single choice set allows educators to create question sets with one correct answering alternative per question, in just a few seconds. The student gets immediate feedback after submitting each answer. Sound effects for correct and wrong (sound effects may be turned...
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Homeschool Classroom - Guess the Answer

Guess the Answer

This content type allows educators to upload an image and add a suitable description. Students can guess the answer and press the bar below the image to reveal the correct answer. Add a task description and image Add a descriptive solution label and a solution text...
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Homeschool Classroom - Documentation Tool

Documentation Tool

The documentation tool aims to make it easy to create assessment wizards for goal-driven activities. It can also be used as a form wizard. While editing, educators can add multiple steps to the wizard. In each step, educators can define which content goes into that...
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Homeschool Classroom - Interactive Video

Interactive Video

Videos may be enriched with interactivities like explanations, extra pictures, tables, Fill in the Blanks and Multichoice questions. Quiz questions support adaptivity, meaning you can jump to another part of the video based on the user’s input.

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Homeschool Classroom - Board Game

Board Game

Students solve puzzles laid out on a board and press level icons to enter a level. Available puzzles are multi-choice and drag and drop questions. Students are rewarded with success videos when they succeed and failure videos when they fail each level. At the very end...
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Homeschool Classroom - Twitter Feed

Twitter User Feed

Add a Twitter user feed directly into a course or lesson. A great way to give your students dynamic updates on areas of study. Can be added standalone or on a slide in a Course Presentation Choose which Twitter feed you want to display Choose how many tweets you want...
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Homeschool Classroom - Find the Hotspot

Find the Hotspot

This content type allows students to click on areas of an image and get feedback on whether that was correct or incorrect according to the task description. Educators upload an image and define various hotspots corresponding to details or sections of the image....
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Homeschool Classroom - Accordion


Reduce the amount of text presented to readers by using this responsive accordion. Readers decide which headlines to take a closer look at by expanding the title. Excellent for providing an overview with optional in-depth explanations. Add title and text for each...
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Homeschool Classroom - Drag the Words

Drag the Words

Drag the Words allows educators to create text blocks with missing pieces of text. The student drags a missing piece of text to its correct place to form the complete text block. Assess if students remember a text they have read, or if they understand a topic. Helps...
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Homeschool Classroom - Course Presentation

Course Presentation

Course presentations consist of slides with multimedia, texts, and many different types of interactions like interactive summary, multiple choice and interactive videos.

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Homeschool Classroom - Image Collage


The Collage tool allows you to put together beautiful images in a soothing composition. image pan and zoom image spacing (inner frame size) outer frame size height of the collage ...coming...
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Homeschool Classroom - Fill in the Blanks

Fill in the Blanks

Students fill in the missing words in a text block. The student is shown a solution after filling in all the missing words, or after each word depending on settings. Educators add a text block and mark words to be replaced with an asterisk. In addition to native and...
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Homeschool Classroom - Flashcards


Flashcards are a set of picture cards where the student is asked to answer a question related to the card. The student answers the question by using the keyboard to type an answer on each card. By turning the card, the student can reveal the correct answer. [h5p...
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Homeschool Classroom - Multi Choice Question

Multiple Choice

Multiple Choice questions can be an effective assessment tool. The student is given immediate performance feedback. Multiple Choice questions can have a single or multiple correct options per question. ...coming soon
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Homeschool Classroom - Dialog Cards

Dialog Cards

Dialog cards can be used as a drill to help learners memorize words, expressions or sentences. On the front of the card, there is a hint for the word or expression. By turning the card the learner reveals a corresponding word or expression. Dialog cards can be used in...
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Homeschool Classroom - Mark the Words

Mark the Words

Mark the words allows educators to create text blocks with a defined set of correct words. The student highlights words according to the task description and is given a score. It is super easy to create a click the words challenge. The educator types in the text...
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Homeschool Classroom - Memory Game

Memory Game

Educators can easily add a classic memory game to their lessons using their own images and text to help students retain important information.

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Homeschool Classroom - Impressive Presentation

Impressive Presentation

Unfold your creativity on an infinite 3D canvas. Images, text, and other content types can be combined to create presentations with 3D transitions between steps. The following options are available for creating effects when navigating through the infinite canvas:...
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Homeschool Classroom - Question Set

Quiz (Question Set)

Question Set is your typical quiz content type. It allows the student to solve a sequence of various question types. Educators can combine many different question types like multiple choice, drag and drop and fill in the blanks in a question set. There are many...
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Homeschool Classroom - iFrame Embedder

Iframe Embedder

The iFrame embedder makes it easy to add 3rd party content directly into lessons and courses. Students can explore the embedded content without leaving their dashboard. This library supports: External embedding using a URL (supported by the editor) Internal embedding,...
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