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Big Whirled is the Technology Solution to Educational Exploration. Children engage with fun and interactive learning activities, while educators have total control over the content delivered as well as extensive reporting tools on progress and achievements. The collaborative environment makes it easy for families and schools to pool their resources and maximize a child’s potential.

Your Own Online Classroom
The Complete Homeschool Solution

  • Create Courses and Lesson Plans
  • Integrate 3rd Party Content and Learning Materials
  • Assign Course Work and Even Chores
  • Reward Students With your Own Custom Digital “Reward Store”
  • Automatically Track Student Interactions, Progress, and Performance
  • Generate and Print Custom Reports, Lesson Plans, Grade Books, and More
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Choose from over 25 different content types to create custom interactive content, lessons, learning objects, and quizzes. Educators can design rich online learning environments for their students to access from their dashboard. The possibilities are endless from interactive videos, board games, drag and drop quizzes, image hotspots, social media feeds, and so much more at your fingertips.

Drag and Drop Assignment Calendar

Take control of your schedule with Big Whirled’s Time Management Tools

  • Create Coursework Assignments
    Simply add assignments and your student’s calendar, daily to-do list, weekly schedule and more are pre-populated and interactive.
  • Assign Chores
    Add Chores to your student’s calendar and they will also pre-populate alongside coursework on the to-do lists, weekly schedule, and standard calendar.
  • Create Recurring Assignments
    Repeated coursework and chores can be created easily with just a few clicks.
  • Schedule Field Trips & Classroom Events
    Easily create out-of-the-home classroom events and field trips to be added to all schedules and the standard calendar.
  • Reschedule Everything with a Drag & Drop Calendar
    Click and drag on any assignment or event to change the due date and it will update site-wide in real time.
  • View/Manage current, completed, past due, and upcoming assignments and events
    In the Records Interface on the Instructor Dashboard, educators can view, edit, delete, and add new assignments and events.

Keep Students Motivated and Reward them for their Progress

Big Whirled provides a variety of digital rewards such as video games, screensavers, ebooks, printable crafts, coloring pages, and more. Educators select which of these rewards to add to their custom Reward Store, and also can create their own custom products.


Reward Points

  • Automatically award Reward Points for completed coursework and chore assignments
  • Manually add or subtract Reward Points from your students’ accounts at any time
  • View, save, and print custom Reward Points reports showing ledgers for some or all of your students


Reward Store

  • Manage permissions allowing or denying Reward Store access for each student individually
  • One click to add preloaded products from Big Whirled’s digital rewards library
  • Create your own custom products to add to your store
  • Edit price, description, title, and image of any product in your store
  • View, save, and print custom Reward Store reports detailing all sales



Reward Points

  • Earn Reward Points by completing coursework and chore assignments
  • Learn to “budget” your Reward Points using your Reward Points ledger
  • View your Reward Point history showing how each Reward point has been earned and spent

Reward Store

  • Browse the Reward Store to set Goals and purchase Rewards
  • Rewards that are set as a Goals can also be purchased from the Student Dashboard
  • Download purchased digital rewards from your personal reward library at any time
  • View your purchase history at any time

Track Everything and Generate Custom Reports on the Fly

The Big Whirled platform automatically records student’s login and access details, time spent in lessons, scores achieved (grade book), points earned, points spent, upcoming assignments, completed assignments (and results), and past-due assignments. For those that need to track attendance, create a student “Attendance Registry” with a few clicks and the attendance monitoring tool will be available on the Instructor Dashboard.

Educators can easily generate and print/save custom reports for their own personal records and/or for filing with authorities for state homeschool regulation compliance. For our members who live in states with strict homeschool regulation, you can print out your curriculum, lesson plans, grade book, and attendance report. Big Whirled also provides templates for documentation required to register your homeschool according to your state laws.

Homeschool Attendance Manager

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