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Big Whirled Online Game

Fun ~ Engaging ~ Educational

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Custom Character

Get access to the character customizer where you can customize the body, hair, clothes, and accessories of your character.

Save your Progress

Save your progress so you can keep your in-game tokens, inventory items, and keep your stat levels. It will all be there next time you log in.

Have a Home Base

Registered players get a free dorm to restore their energy, use a computer, and store their stuff. Paid accounts can upgrade to better housing.

View Progress

Registered players and their parents can view progress and time-spent in the online portal and generate a variety of filtered reports.


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Big Whirled - Fun, Engaging, Educational

Big Whirled is a social life-simulation video game that rewards players for engaging in educational activities. Turn your child's love for video games into a love for learning! Big Whirled players are tasked with maintaining their basic life stats such as hunger and energy, to do this they must buy food or pay rent, etc. Players earn in-game tokens by playing educational mini-games that are seamlessly integrated into game play as ``jobs`` for the players.

  • Work as a report or editor at the local newspaper
  • Explore elements you find i the lab with the interactive microscope
  • Work as a cashier at the busiest cafĂ© in town
  • Program the town's maintenance bots with a visual scripter
  • And much more...

Registration is free and easy


Your player data and items be saved


No need for downloads, play in any browser

PRICING TABLEChoose download package



  • No need to register
  • Players select from pre-configured characters
  • Players can earn and spend in-game tokens
  • Players cannot save their progress
  • Players cannot view their stats or game history



  • Must Register
  • Players can customize their character
  • Players can buy items for their home and inventory
  • Players can save their game progress and return later
  • Can generate progress and time-spent reports



  • Everything in the Basic plan
  • Players can upgrade housing to apartment, house, or farm
  • Players can buy furniture and customize their home
  • Players can buy pets and pet supplies
  • Parents can create player quests and goals



  • Everything in the Starter plan
  • Up to 5 player accounts included with individual logins
  • Parents can upload custom content for learning games
  • Parents can modify game difficulty levels
  • Parents can control player access to areas of the game

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